Who Is The Antichrist

By ChristoEllington

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WARNING: When we released Antichrist Identity I-III, 15 times we had to convince our service provider not to shut down our website because of numerous complaints they had received. With the Antichrist Identity V don’t be surprised if this website is not here tomorrow.

My name is Mel Sanger, the author of this eagerly awaited, new unique release called the Antichrist Identity V. The research for this new publication is based on 24 months of study. You may not be aware but this publication was supposed to have been launched some time ago. Unfortunately halfway through writing this report I became seriously ill and was advised by the doctors because of my medical condition to take early retirement.

However against their advice and the advice of many I decided to continue the completion of this project as I just wasn’t able to live with myself knowing that I was unable to complete this project, especially at a time which is one of the most critical phases in the development of the antichrist new world order and one world government.

So I am thankful that this report is now complete and ready for you to download, but first I wanted to ask you something.

When you see the world tops scientists coming together on a major project to achieve the goal of having the ability to transfer the spirit (consciousness) of a human being to another human body do you simply shrug your shoulders and think this has no relevance. Furthermore with the EU committing hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the Human Brain Project is there any significance to this? Do you believe that major developments such as the Arab Spring (i.e. the revolutions taking place across the Arab world like Libya, Egypt etc), the absolute chaos in the European Union with the bankruptcy of Greece, Italy, Portugal, the emergence of the Vatican backing Germany as the one country that the European Union is dependant on for its survival are events that are totally unrelated?

What about the notorious August riots in the United Kingdom in 2011, the creation of the Tony Blair faith foundation, the implementation of socialist policies by Barack Obama in the US, the leak that several major research facilities are successfully creating unethical animal hybrids, the coming plans of a global body to regulate the internet and Switzerland giving into pressure regarding its 100 year old banking privacy policies….

Do you believe that all of these events and many more that I could spell out are simply happening by chance? Or are you a person who believes that there is some intelligent design behind everything that is going on around you in the news regarding the economy and politics.

When you switch on the TV and see the music being propelled by some of the world major music stars such as Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, does your TV have the special ability to slow down what you are watching by 90% so that you can see the hidden symbols that are flashing too fast for the human eye to be even aware of? If you were to see these symbols and then go to your local library and see these symbols in books associated with witchcraft and demonology would you simply shrug your shoulders and say its sheer coincidence. You see the reason for the release of the Antichrist Identity V is that 98% of the population are living in ignorance. 98% of the population do not have any idea as to what is happening in today’s world. Like sheep they simply do what they are told and accept what they see and hear.

And I am sure also where you personally have tried to present people with truth or tried to get people to think outside of the box about the real reason that specific events are happening you have been given the cold shoulder, or have been laughed at or looked upon as being someone weird or even been accused of being a possible danger to society.

You see many people are talking about looking for the Antichrist and I can agree that I do believe that there will be a coming personal Antichrist. However there is also something called the spirit of the Antichrist and whether its politics, economics, music, hollywood, religion, science or the environmental agenda, the spirit of the Antichrist has infiltrated every aspect of society and has in one of the most lethal ways conditioned us to not even be aware of the changes taking place which are propelling us rapidly into the clutches of a one world government.

What is the Antichrist Identity V? The Antichrist Identity V is the final part of a major series in which I will name the names of the people who are supporting this diabolical agenda. Not only names but also the organizations that have been set up specifically to carry us into a one world government dictatorship without people even realizing what is is happening before its too late.

There is so much information that you need to see that I have had to divide the report into the 5 following parts. Over 350 pages, 300 footnotes and 100 illustrations for what is a fascinating but heart wrenching journey in understanding the relevance of the world government agenda being rolled right now.

So lets take a look now at some examples of the features tackled in the Antichrist Identity V.

Why has the European Union imploded over the last several years into economic turmoil? What does this mean for the future of Europe and the world economy? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 66)

Are you aware that the United States is still controlled by Great Britain and the Crown? Who are these people controlling the United States who believe they are the descendants of King David? (Addressed in Part 1: Page 37)

What was leaked as the key objectives of the Bilderberger agenda several… Read more…