That Will Be Less Environmentally Harmful? Voices

By ReneeSheldon

During my Vapor Couture analysis , I spent a little bit of time speaking about an e-cigarette that’s sold only to ladies. I’m not sure exactly what the technical explanation is but they simply do a far greater job versus remainder – V2 have unique factory and do not just import and rebrand from china – possibly that features anything related to it. We vape the congress 12 flavour -switch between their particular refills and their particular mini-tank – and love their particular coffee also.

smoking have been around since 2003 but no body knew about all of them until V2 Cigs included weapons blazing, rattling industry with its very low expenses, much-improved technology, and great product variety. electronic cigarettes v2 cigs

come early july, the organization launched its extremely efficient EX blank cartridges, added coffee and vanilla tastes to its e-liquid range, and established its first ever 24mg cartomizers created for heavy smokers.

On the whole i obtained one pack of Cherry carts, one pack of V2 Red carts and their particular blended flavor sampler pack that included the following: Coffee, Cola, Chocolate, Vanilla, Peppermint, Menthol, Cherry together with three tobacco flavours: Sahara, Congress and V2 Red.

Then discovered v2 – their mini tank e-cig is tiny when compared with my ego and better vapour too -I need 2 battery packs (we have 2 small and something lengthy battery) to be certain to last right through the day and night.. utilizing age liquid with any tank system is some messy oftentimes however with my v2 i’m also able to make use of their pre-filled refills for convenience.

the standard is very good and also as other individuals said the battery packs last, hence tends to make a big difference, additionally got the PCC with my kit which appears cool and is really handy whenever out for an extended time of the time while you have constantly got a supply.

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